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Bold inside and out, Collina Strada painted Brooklyn with an eccentric palette of neons and floral patterns earlier this evening with its new ready-to-wear collection "Snail's Pace" to ring in the Spring 2022 season. Launched by Hillary Taymour, Collina Strada is a brand that strives to uplift social movements through its fluid and self-expressive pieces. 

This spring, you won’t be able to get by without catching accents of Collina Strada’s savvy lime green and pastel pink hues, reminiscent of Mother Nature and her influences. "Snail's Pace" encourages consumers to practice green infrastructure, and the groovy green pieces stitched with satin and sequins create a message that rings through audiences’ ears loud and clear.

With silhouettes and patterns you can’t miss, "Snail's Pace" is a spitting image of authenticity. Collina Strada creates with the utmost intentions towards sustainability, and an entire collection dedicated to rectifying humankind’s relationship with the planet is brought to the most beautiful of sights on a plant-filled Brooklyn rooftop during golden hour. Trust us—it doesn’t get more ethereal than this. The show was also visited by star-studded individuals like Liza Koshy, Camila Mendes, and more, with Collina Strada expanding her message across generations of consumers.


Accompanying the quick-paced energy of the outdoor runway was a warped narrator who announced: “For all organic waste, be sure to compost.” Riddled with sustainable practices and reminders, the electronic soundtrack accompanied the self-proclaimed chaos of "Snail's Pace" perfectly. Moreover, the symbiosis of self was further explored as models were accompanied by family members—because after all, who are you without the ones who made you who you are today? 

To be change is to embody change, and Collina Strada is a brand that creates with the intention of staying true to its brand culture. The designer herself wrapped up an all successful show with a warm embrace with her own family, a token of hope and warmth that reminds us of the beauty of Mother Nature herself.

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