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This year, META is celebrating the Year of the Tiger. What exemplifies the spirit of the Tiger is courage, strength, and resilience, three core pillars that META could not exist without. As creatives, we see a reflection of ourselves in the things we admire most, and this year, it is the Tiger.


Our special edition MINI penned ‘STRENGTH OF THE TIGER’ celebrates Asian voices that have paved new pathways in creative fields. The beauty of Lunar New Year is to celebrate one thing––community––and that is exactly what META set out to achieve from the day we launched. ​​Being Asian American has given us a profound way of seeing the world, and that cultural intimacy of our art is the greatest privilege of all.


This Lunar New Year, we wish you all good luck and good fortune in discovering the Tiger within you––that is, the fierce love and passion that resides in your heart to make you the best version of yourself.

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