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META MINI Issue 05: Masa Toro

In MINI Issue 05: Once Upon A Time, designer and artist Masa Toro explores the nostalgic fairytales that allowed her to find her creative voice in a world. Drawing inspiration from her heavy consumption of animated television shows and her Mexican heritage, Masa Toro is truly a one-of-a-kind artist who uses this issue to share her imaginative mechanics with the world.


At META, we uplift stories and individuals who discover themselves through their upbringings, and Masa Toro is no exception. In her issue Once Upon A Time, enter the daydream she creates as a solace for herself, one that greatly inspires us. Explore the nostalgia of your childhoods that have made you who you are today, and reflect on the stories that continue to inspire the person you have become since then. Read on to find your own daydream with Masa Toro.

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