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Acquainted with the Night: C+plus SERIES Autumn/Winter 2022

Photographs Courtesy of C+plus SERIES

Revealing flowing, elegant silhouettes with mysterious tones of black and blues along with pops of color and eclectic materials and fabrics, designer C.T. Liu’s C+plus SERIES Autumn/Winter 2022 collection at the F/W 2022 New York Fashion Week captures the dynamic relationship of the independent, modern and creative woman with the lights and shadows after dark. Similar to Robert Frost’s famous poem, “Acquainted with the Night”, C.T. Liu skillfully weaves together different elements of the nighttime ambience in creating a dazzling copy of how individuals have easily acquainted themselves with bustling interactions throughout the night. In many of his pieces, C.T. Liu incorporates a fitting bodice while expanding into a flowing or ballooning effect in the bottom half, immersing the model into the grand void and mystery of the night’s darkness. Despite utilizing mainly black and blue as the base of his creations, C.T. Liu incorporates a variety of colors and materials like sequins, nets, beads, faux furs, and recycled clothes to represent light that juxtaposes the shadow after dark.

Photographs Courtesy of C+plus SERIES

Most notably, Looks 3, 12, and 15 encapsulate sparkling stars within the night sky through tiny silver specks adorned across the pieces. In Look 3, the top half of the dress has a busy and condensed collection of these tiny silver specks while they begin to disperse more sporadically—in the ballooning, lower half of the dress—into bigger sequins representative of constellations. In Look 12, there is a much more diverse variety of materials utilized with netting at the top of the dress and inclusion of a big silk bow while the netting travels down the bottom half with a streamline of silver sequins. Meanwhile, Look 15’s pantsuit has a much fitted shape where those tiny silver specks are sprinkled across the entire look as the top half of the pantsuit transitions into a sheer look. Continuing the illusions of the night sky, Look 5 and 6 incorporate a variety of blue and silver sequins across the caped, black mesh dress with a navy blue slip dress peaking through underneath. As the night streetlights hit the sequins at different angles, there is a completely unique reflection everytime across the dress and its free flowing cape.

Beyond the color palette of blue and black utilized in this C+plus SERIES A/W 2022 collection, C.T. Liu involves bold colors in Looks 1, 7, 9, 11, and 17 of his collection. Within Looks 1, 7, and and 9, there is the inclusion of vibrant magentas, azure blues, light and dark greens, blood orange, and muted purples. Look 1 involves a collection of flowers adorned throughout the black base of a structured, one-shoulder dress while Look 7 replicates these same colors through watercolor-like dots in the colorful long sleeve layered underneath the netted, glistening black dress. Uniting these colors to reflect a party in the night scene, Look 9 incorporates reflective streamers throughout the top that flutter with every move of the model. Comparatively, Look 11 and 17 focuses on sky blue and lilac respectively for its faux fur creations.

Photographs Courtesy of C+plus SERIES

Balancing the contemplative dark tones and eccentric bold colors of the collection is C.T. Liu’s Looks 4 and 8 where there is yin yang dynamic of the light and shadow after dark. Throughout the alternating black and white chiffon ruffles and lines of Look 4 and 8 respectively, C.T. Liu captures the equilibrating interactions between different sectors of the night. Visible throughout all of his pieces in the C+plus SERIES Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, C.T. Liu translates both the glamorous and hidden elements of the night’s illumination and shadows in our daily lives into flattering creations to be worn by the independent, modern and creative woman.

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