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Adele’s Easy On Me: An Homage to Autumn Introspection

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Photography by Raven B. Varona

Following six years since her last musical release, Adele announced her upcoming album ‘30’ — set for Friday, November 19th — and released its first single ‘Easy on Me,’ alongside a music video for the lead single. Some may initially assume that Easy on Me is a piano ballad addressing her ex-husband; however, Adele specifies that her next album was inspired by her 9-year-old son. She asks for forgiveness and sympathy from her son on her divorce with lyrics such as “I had no time to choose what I chose to do, so go easy on me.” Easy on Me expresses the emotionally-torn nature of making difficult, gut-wrenching decisions for yourself and coping with their potentially devastating effects on loved ones.

The Easy on Me music video starts off with Adele’s signature black and white visuals as she leaves behind an empty house. While driving away, Adele passes by a family celebrating the holidays and a joyful pair of newlyweds, symbolizing the previous life she chose to let go of. Near the end of the second verse, she belts out the chorus and the video is brought into technicolor, revealing Adele’s oxblood patent leather trench coat and the surrounding burgundy furniture.

Alongside this already iconic full-length trench coat, Easy on Me Adele sports a deep orange ribbed turtleneck sweater and sepia brown wide-leg trousers, all of which are custom-designed by Lanvin’s Creative Director Bruno Sialelli. The entire combination of this warm-red toned outfit, hauntingly melancholy lyrics, and wind-blown leaves throughout the video set this album up to be the perfect autumn vision: wistfully reflecting on past and current heartbreaks as the leaves change colors.

After her initial announcement of ‘30’, it comes as no shock that the internet is deeming this fall to be ‘Sad Girl Autumn’. Easy on Me showcases the emotional complexities and introspection associated with the fall season through the color selection of Adele’s outfit and the overall scenery in the video. With her heartbreakingly honest lyrics and incorporation of an orange-red color scheme throughout her accompanying music video, Adele makes it clear: Sad Girl Autumn is happening whether you like it or not.

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