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Adidas x Prada: The Third Installation

Photographs Courtesy of Prada

The third and newest Prada x Adidas collection is launching on January 13th: a 21-piece collection aimed to be sleek, stylish and sustainable. The collaboration’s largest launch yet, this collection appeals to fashionistas, hypebeasts, and environmentalists with its eco-friendly materials and the popular brands’ recognizable signature styles.

The new line was designed and crafted in Italy with Prada’s luxury image in mind while staying true to Adidas’ iconic sportswear style. The collection is characterised by its contrasting black and white striped designs, which are minimalistic yet fashionable. The Prada x Adidas collaboration is expanding with a variety of bags ranging from fanny packs, tote bags, and duffel bags while also including anticipated items from previous collaboration launches. Staying true to past collections, the third launch contains signature pieces from each brand, including Prada bucket hats and Adidas sneakers. The collection has already received significant media attention, with consumers eager to explore the pieces and excited for the opportunity to score items when the collection launches. While consumers are excited by the products themselves, the line has also captured the attention of environmentalists, excited by a revolutionary twist to the brands’ traditional manufacturing process.

A major accomplishment in the launch is the implementation of a new material, Re-Nylon, a sustainable nylon alternative made from recycled plastic waste found in oceans. The fiber is the byproduct of a partnership between Prada and textile yarn producer Aquafil. Re-Nylon is created by recycling fishing nets and textile waste and is prided in its ability to be recycled indefinitely without losing strength or quality. Re-Nylon is manufactured in Italy by transforming materials including discarded carpet, fishing nets, and industrial waste into polymers and threads using a purifying, regenerative chemical de-polymerization procedure. This next-generation material reduces the impact of petroleum-fueled nylon production and decreases CO2 emissions, creating a significant, positive environmental impact without sacrificing the durability and signature look of the brands’ nylon products.

Re-Nylon’s use in the Prada x Adidas collaboration is significant because it gives exposure to this sustainable development in the fashion industry. In an era of fast fashion, having large, well-known, and respected companies like Prada and Adidas promoting the use of sustainable alternatives to normal fibers spurs environmentally-conscious efforts within the fashion industry, hopefully yielding significant benefits to environmental health in the long-term.

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