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As the bold, colorful collection entered the spotlight at New York Fashion Week yesterday afternoon, AKNVAS’s fun creativity stole the show. The unique, eye-catching designs took center stage while the brand put on a show with a live DJ performance by Mona Matsuoka.

Founded by Danish designer Christiaan Juul Nielson, AKNVAS traditionally caters to the contemporary woman. The brand’s pieces are meant to be versatile, allowing women to wear eye-catching outfits from “desk to dinner.” By empowering working women to feel powerful and creative through their clothing, these day-to-night pieces are both functional and fun. AKNVAS has expanded from dressing the modern woman to creating men’s, women’s and gender-neutral pieces. These pieces, worn by a diverse group of models, captured the brand’s vision of creating diverse, dynamic daywear for the modern New Yorker.

The innovative designs shown yesterday spanned textiles and figures, creating a diverse portfolio of fashionable items. The pieces were mainly monochromatic or two-toned, using interesting designs to draw attention and set the brand apart. Each piece highlighted a different color, and the draped silhouettes and interesting fabrics added to the 2022 NYFW collection’s wow factor. By putting spins on classic closet staples, each piece was both wearable and eye-catching. These fun modifications included attaching intricately-patterned rope reminiscent of Chinese knot art to puffer jackets and adding disco-like sparkle to button-up long sleeves. The individual lookbooks from the collection, captured by photographers Martin Keenan and Rachel Hitchcock, captured the diversity and creativity of the pieces shown.

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