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Alice + Olivia's Fall 2022 20th Anniversary Collection

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Photographs Courtesy of Vogue

Pairing a strong host of neon greens, blues, and reds with animal prints and classic black and white fabric, Stacey Bendet celebrates Alice + Olivia’s 20th anniversary with her Autumn 2022 collection at F/W 2022 New York Fashion Week. Bendet’s collection is dedicated to Alice + Olivia’s brand that has been used to celebrate women’s creativity and elevate their collaborations of beauty over the span of twenty years.

The Fall 2022 collection showcases bold, neon colors contrasted against darkers, animal print fabrics as well as tones of blacks, browns, and whites. Bendet’s balances bright color pops with darker shades to enforce a balance between strength and beauty. Turquoise, red, and neon green fabric is mixed and matched between color-blocked silk trousers and blouses with velvet lined blazers. The color-blocking gives way to more fancier and bolder prints and fabrics as Bendet sticks with the theme of an empowered women by incorporating a blend of these fabrics to create pant suits and blouse and trouser combinations.

The continuity of the collection’s women in power statement sage is evident through the use of strong silhouettes accented with feathers, lace, beaded fabric, and model corsets. The monotone black and white pieces juxtapose the bright neon power suits, adding a touch of ruggedness to the element of femininity portrayed by Bendet. One model sports a vest adorned with bright red, turquoise, and green feathers similar to a parrot’s and leopard print leggings for a bolder look, while other models balance out this statement piece with monotone dresses and pantsuits. One floor-length gown studded with silver alongside a beige gown with a feathered jacket stands opposite of a denim-pants-and-jacket look. These combinations of designs offer a look into the statement of fiery sophistication.

The ruggedness of beauty and the complexity of the female form are both on display as this Fall 2022 collection incorporates feminine forms and tough punk components for striking pieces. Littles details such as the silver beading used with many of the designs, as well as the chainmail and metal accents on an open back top and leather jacket, tie the collection’s overall message together.

In honor of the 20th anniversary collection, power Mahogany L. Browne created an original poem titled “The Song of She”. The poem sets the stage for Bendet’s collection, portraying the image of women empowering each other through beauty, grace, and compassion. Bendet also invited Ebony Williams, a choreographer and dancer in Beyonce’s hit song ‘Single Ladies’, to compose a movement style that was performed alongside Browne’s poem. The combination of poem and movement created an unforgettable showcase for Alice + Olivia’s Fall 2022 Collection.

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