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An alter ego is simply defined as one's alternative self. A being within oneself that is quite the opposite of that person's “normal.” This concept has always fascinated me in terms of fashion. I find that I play it safe in my own stylistic choices due to insecurities but if I let my own alter ego call the shots in terms of clothing and fashion, I’d take a lot more risks while still enjoying what I’m wearing. Fashion, particularly high fashion, is about taking risks and going against the grain of the trends and, I believe, in order to do this one must channel their alter ego. This piece is an exploration of each model's alter ego and manifesting that internal character through fashion.


My name is Elana and pictured is my alter ego. Growing up as an actress and singer, I am used to being outgoing. This has led me to having a very bright and vibrant personality. When asked to portray the opposite style and personality I am used to, I used a lot of dark colors, intense makeup, and chunky boots to go along with the “E-girl” look.


I feel like this outfit represents my alter ego because it plays into a deeper monochromatic color scheme and as someone who loves to play with vibrant colors it is really toned down for me. I usually love to integrate pops of color or bold prints in my outfits, but I never go for a very dark look or animal print. That being said, this look was still really fun to put together; it really grounded me & made me feel grown. I never play around with corsets since I usually prioritize comfort, but it was fun to step out of the box & feel like a rich aunt of sorts. I will definitely be exploring more monochrome looks and I catch myself buying more brown clothing after this shoot.

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