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Hitting the Modern Bullseye with Retro Throwbacks: Anna Sui Fall 2022 Collection

Photographs Courtesy of Anna Sui

Posing in front of a bold black and white bullseye at the Bowery Electric Bar, the eccentric and colorful outfits donned by models of Anna Sui’s Fall 2022 Collection illuminate the energy of NYC’s historic live music venue and dance club. Paying tribute to retro ideas of Brit Pop, Art Deco, and New Wave, Anna Sui interlocks the designs of the past with modern-day silhouettes through this new collection. Most notably, Sui derived her inspiration from the tagline, “The weekend starts here” in the British television concert show, “Ready Steady Go!” Sui had desired to capture the essence of the period’s “innocence and optimism” where young people had danced and sung so freely with their friends each Friday night. Throughout the collection, Anna Sui successfully emphasizes this sense of spunkiness and free flow through the culmination of vibrant colors, creative patterns, and varied materials.

Within the collection, Sui incorporates various motifs that are repeated one way or another whether it be in the patterns, color palettes, or materials used. In Looks 1, 2, and 3, the repetition of teal and moss green plaid patterns appear in a couple's blazers, skirt, and belted dress respectively. Connecting this plaid design to a different look in the collection, Sui updates the colors on the plaid skirt by using burnt orange and deep ember tones in Look 13.

Photographs Courtesy of Anna Sui

Rather than confining herself and her designs to a specific genre or era, Anna Sui marries them all with this recent collection. Sui links similar color palettes with different patterns and designs as well to create a sense of synchronicity despite a theme of eclecticism. It’s rocker chic for the contemporary youth. From the models’ side-swept hair to the punk rock backing track from Generation X, the Fall 2022 lookbook is a total dance party, and Anna Sui provides just the right outfits to wear when letting loose and raising hell.

Completing this flamboyant collection are neutral pieces that feature many creative elements of designs, patterns, materials, or silhouettes. In Look 29, matching couple outfits are featured once again with consistent light taupe, rounded knots on the sherpa-lined blazer, jacket, luggage, and handbag. In comparison, Look 33 removes all patterns and designs in styling a black, glossy and matte blazer on top of a sequined black dress. While the overall design of the look is simple, the incorporation of sequins enhances varying dimensions of the dress as the line reflects off of it at separate angles. Balancing both solids and patterns, Look 31 has alternating, mirrored, fawn and carob toned trapezoids cutting through the bold black lines of the dress.

Throughout this unique combination of radiant colors, dramatic patterns, vivid designs, and textured materials, Anna Sui perfectly encapsulates a multitude of elements from retro trends while adding a modern and sophisticated flair to all of them. Most importantly, these designs present a personal and distinctive style for every individual enjoying a Friday night. Be ready to step into your own perfect Friday night with any design from Anna Sui’s Fall 2022 Collection!

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