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Photographs Courtesy of Area

Rhinestones, multi-colored fur, and patterned fabrics encapsulate AREA’s newly released 02 Runway Collection, launching the audience into a scene that is reminiscent of 80s, 90s, and early 2000s’ pop culture. Founded in 2014 at the heart of New York City, Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk aimed to promote diversity through glamour by redefining the word itself in bold awe inspiring collections. AREA’s signature, at the outset, explores femininity and beauty throughout time and history, pushing the boundaries of beauty ideals by fusing art and performance, and the brand’s latest collection certainly presents us with their most daring pieces yet.

The virtual show opens with experimental electronic music that is the perfect backdrop for the garments. As the first model confidently strides in, we get a glimpse of the overall theme for the collection. The opening look features gold metal butterflies with engraved details that are coupled with large rhinestone gems, as a headpiece, a top, and a belt. To contrast the sharp silhouettes of the butterflies, billowy pink and blue fur lines a pair of plaid pants with a matching cropped blazer. The brand’s choice of bold colors is a refreshing breath of air against the neutral tones of winter, exclaiming that summer is finally here. Throughout the show, golden bedazzled metal butterflies appear as tops, headpieces, and belts. Following the butterfly motif, the collection presents us with multi-colored, bedazzled butterfly tops and bottoms confirming that the Y2K revival is here to stay. The boldness of colors is complemented with intrepid silhouettes. An assortment of dresses that AREA presents have wide exaggerated hips that accentuate the waist by pushing out the hips, in a modernization of Tudor-styled silhouettes. Continuing on with the theme of inspiring silhouettes, huge fur pants and leg warmers in various colour gradients pay homage to the rave culture that gained traction in the early 2000s, with a modern twist.

More than a simple collection video, this virtual performance engages the audience with the use of creative orientations, movements, and transitions that contribute to the overall jaw dropping pieces. Every look in this collection is succinct and ties in well with the overall theme, yet still stands out and remains unique. AREA most certainly pushes their motto of redefining glamour and femininity by presenting their collection on different body types. The final look of the show spotlights an elaborate silver rhinestone studded dress with an exaggerated wide hip and cascading embroidered features that open up to reveal a high leg slit.

AREA’s Collection 02 Runway breaks away from a limiting and traditional definition of glamour and reminds the world of fashion that bigger, is better.

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