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Batsheva Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear Collection

Photographs Courtesy of Batsheva

In every Batsheva show you are guaranteed to witness a level of drama, a degree of weirdness, and a dose of practically unifying the story of each of her collections. Yet, the essence of each piece is firmly rooted in the personal narrative of its founder Batsheva Hay. An observant Orthodox Jewish woman, Hay adheres to tzinut- a set of Jewish laws pertaining to modesty and conduct. It would be remiss to assume that the silhouettes and choice of fabrics aren’t directly influenced by her evolving relationship with religious piety. But it would be a greater disservice to ignore the subversive, New York-esque quality found in a Batsheva piece. Hay’s latest Ready-To-Wear collection is a testament to just that. Get ready to usher in a Shabbat dinner in Williamsburg with a black, PVC, turtle-neck dress with puffed black sleeves. Or welcome in a Monday morning commute on the F train in a green moiré trench coat with black hosiery and Dr. Martens.

As always a Batsheva collection honours the stages in every woman’s day-to-day life. This collection, more so than others, is reflective of not only Hay’s career but that of every woman’s. Whether your career is in the home, in the office, or both, a Batsheva piece will provide the spectacle needed to carry out the duties of the day. New silhouettes widen the relationship between the quirky and conventional, the contemporary and the past. Even the most basic of pieces are infused with a touch of glamour. Personal favourites include a navy, corduroy coat dress adorned with pearl buttons, an evergreen, moiré skirt set with black velvet detailing, and a classic, grey cardigan trimmed with crocheted lace- evocative of the kind my Eastern European great-grandmother used to make.

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