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DREAMERS: Lucid Dream and the Language of Emotion

Photographs Courtesy of Hollywood Records

American pop-punk duo DREAMERS has hit the mainstream with millions of streams on their songs, nationally charting albums, performances at festivals like Lollapalooza, and two co-headlined tours this fall. On Thursday, META had the opportunity to attend a press conference with lead singer Nick Wold, who shared his unique songwriting process, creative inspirations, and exciting musical ambitions. With new adventures on the way, DREAMERS is chasing their dreams–literally and figuratively–of creating real art and pursuing music for what it is without focusing on external pressures from the often demanding entertainment industry.

META got the chance to preview a new single that DREAMERS is set to release at the end of the month. The whimsical and energetic song reflects the kind of music Wold aspires to create: translating exceptionally sad or awesome moments into music, which he views as the “language of emotion.” With inspiration from his dreams, nostalgic punk rock bands, and new technology, DREAMERS’ new music captures the artistic endeavors of both Wold and his partner, Marc Nelson.

The unique way the artists brainstorm their music is what Wold believes greatly contributes to their otherworldly sound. By training himself to lucid dream and recording his experiences in a detailed dream journal, Wold brainstorms creative content he can only compare to that of a psychedelic trip: vivid, eccentric, and nonconformist.

The creative punk rock style of Wold’s music is coming to the stage this fall while DREAMERS tours with The Scene and SMALLPOOLS from August 19th to November 4th. Technological advancements in production elements like light shows have allowed the band to exercise more creative freedom to express their energetic representation of old music in a way fit for a modern audience. Wold hopes to carry the abstract art of using “heavy rock and roll to express a cool way through intense sadness,” using emotional moments and action-packed art to create a memorable experience for the audience. With some songs fit for action-packed, rock-inspired performances and others for blasé sing-alongs, Wold is excited to bring a varied set to venues across America. He expressed his enthusiasm about a new light show the band is building and the addition of a new drummer, Jess, to their team.

Looking forward, DREAMERS is excited to bring their music to more live shows, collaborate with large artists, and potentially transfer their skills to other media. By performing with bands like The 1975, Weezer, and X Ambassadors, DREAMERS has created a network of successful artists that they are excited to pull inspiration from and possibly collaborate with in the future. Wold is hopeful that their music could someday translate into the soundtrack of an action, sci-fi, or fantasy show, using the “language of emotion” to add suspense and excitement to media forms like television and movies.

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