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ETRO Launches "Kung Fu Panda Capsule Collection"

Photographs Courtesy of ETRO

In light of the upcoming Lunar New Year, Etro has collaborated with Dreamworks Animation and Universal Brand Development to create a capsule collection featuring characters from the acclaimed media franchise Kung Fu Panda. Ping Xiao Po, Tigress, Shifu, Mantis, Crane and Monkey can be found embroidered and monogrammed in their characteristic fighting poses on a multitude of items, ranging from sweatshirts and scarves to numerous leather accessories.

Filled with multi-dimensional, painfully human characters, Kung Fu Panda deals with themes of family, balance, and humility while simultaneously exhibiting a charming sort of humor. The first film in the series follows clumsy, good-natured Po on his journey to becoming the Dragon Warrior, the beholder of the secrets and power of the Dragon Scroll, as well as the protector of the Valley of Peace. Although the main protagonist of this award-winning film is Ping Xiao Po, the panda, the collection is appropriately centered on Tigress to commemorate the upcoming Year of the Tiger.

Orphaned as a child, Tigress learns to curb her destructive strength and temper under the guidance of her guardian Kung Fu Master Shifu, and eventually becomes a disciplined fighter. Characterized by the determined glint in her eye, her sharp tongue, and her fierce determination, Tigress encapsulates all the stereotypical traits of those born under the Year of the Tiger. Thus, this collaboration’s spotlight on Tigress encapsulates the spirit of the Lunar New Year in an ingeniously playful manner.

Tigress, Po, and the rest of the Furious Five meet Etro’s signature paisley pattern to create a charmingly youthful myriad of collectibles that can be appreciated by people of all ages. Decorated by accents of red, which symbolizes both good luck and fortune, this collaboration captures the collective hope for fresh starts and new beginnings. This, in conjunction with the monograms of Tigress in all her ferocity, emboldens wearers to adopt her admirable fighting spirit in order to face the Year of the Tiger, one that is thought to be characterized by unexpected change and disruption, as well as invigorating passion and vitality.

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