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“Full Steam Ahead”: Exploring Outdoors-Chic with Gucci x The North Face

Photographs Courtesy of Gucci

Gucci and The North Face has just released its second collaboration together with a train-themed video presented by Highsnobiety. The video opens in cinematic fashion with stills of a train stop, a railway careening through quiet mountains, and a vaguely familiar face – Francis Bourgeois, the recently viral trainspotter-model-engineering student who made rounds on TikTok for his ecstatic GoPro-filmed reactions to passing trains.

While Bourgeois may at first feel like a strange casting choice for a Gucci x The North Face collaboration, he is in fact perhaps the perfect face to kick off the campaign. The video begins with a theatrical narration from Bourgeois announcing the next train stop, and the cinematography has a classic, 35mm film feel that makes the viewer feel like they are embarking on a sublime journey into the quaint, European mountains.

The second launch from Gucci x The North Face is heavily inspired by the outdoors, featuring pieces like classic Gucci-printed puffers, modern knit sweaters, and TNF walking boots. The collection combines two artistic themes often paradoxical to each other – luxury and the outdoors – to create an adventure-chic look perfect for winter.

The video is set in Iceland, with models clad in casual luxury wear moving among the backdrop of mountains and glaciers visible through the train windows. The creative decision to set the campaign on a train journey is also a subtle encouragement for train travel as an ecologically-friendly transport alternative that also allows passengers to appreciate and experience nature on their journey.

The Gucci x The North Face collection is now available to shop online and in stores. In the words of Bourgeois, “Welcome aboard the summit ascent services. Please remember to take in the exquisite scenery as we go by.”

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