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Gardens of the French Revolution: Cinq à Sept FW 22 Collection

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Photographs Courtesy of Cinq à Sept

Covered in romantic hues of Calla Lily, Lilac Grey, Pink Azalea, Ruby Red, and Gold, the Cinq à Sept F/W ’22 Collection alludes to tones of the 18th-century French gardens at Versailles to uncover a delicate side of dressing within today’s ever-evolving society. This idyllic color palette reminds many of Cinq à Sept’s original inspiration—“the moment the sun turns a rosy tint, and the evening is filled with romance and possibility.” Despite elucidating a more traditionally feminine look from the times of the French Revolution and neoclassical period, the collection also features “new noir”, where all black dressing serves as a foil to the more colorful pieces.

Within Looks 2, 3, 11, 15, and many others of the collection, Cinq à Sept incorporates a variety of patterns ranging from geometric waves, swirls, stripes, and florals. However, Cinq à Sept also keeps it simple with many other pieces where the look is one solid color. Look 10 highlights a muted peach color throughout the entire dress while the knotted cutout on the top half and slit in the middle of the skirt showcases an added layer of design separate from patterns. Meanwhile, Look 12 incorporates the use of champagne sequins to demonstrate a fun party look with the strapless dress underneath the business professional blazer. In some brighter solids, Cinq à Sept showcases a golden velvet, quilted coat and a lavender off-the-shoulder dress with a textured neckline in Looks 16 and 17 respectively.

Serving as a deep contrast against these vibrant patterns and colors are the looks of “new noir” in Looks 6, 7, 13, 14, 18, and 19. Within these looks, black serves as the base of each creation while embellishments such as studs, feathers, gems, and embroidery are woven through to highlight the necklines and waistlines of the model. The belt of Look 6 helps cinch in the waist of the model while there is still a very bold outer structure with the off-the-shoulder neckline. In Looks 7, 13, and 14, the feathers, buttons, and embroidery guide the viewer’s attention to different areas of the body as they line the overall curves flowing down the designs. While Looks 18 and 19 are more simple in comparison to the others, the small details within the feather and stud linings accentuate the models’ silhouettes just as effectively.

Rather than dictating a specific character for the looks, Cinq à Sept coordinates a balance between feminine and masculine design so that the wearer can interpret their own personal style. The overall silhouettes of the pieces are extremely structured but they ultimately concede to the body of the model. Looks 4 and 5 utilizes corset lines in showcasing the figure of the model while emphasizing the overall structure of the clothing through the faint yellow stitching. Similar to the French Revolution and neoclassical period in the 18th century, this collection is all about breaking past constructs and discovering a new style while paying some tribute to past inspirations. Throughout the collection, Cinq à Sept skillfully applies a versatile flare to all the designs whether it’s playing around with varying colors, patterns, designs, and materials to truly capture the wearer’s figure and energy.

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