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Harry Styles made headlines all over the world for his photoshoot when he graced the cover of Vogue's December 2020 issue, but not for being the first ever solo male artist on the magazine’s cover in its 128 years of existence. Photographed by Tyler Mitchell, Styles received large waves of criticism by conservatives for wearing a dress and other clothing articles throughout the feature that are considered feminine.

The phrase “bring back manly men'', coined by Republican commentator Candace Owens in a slew of tweets attacking Styles, was trending all over the internet. She was targeting him due to the fact that his feature expresses a feminized version of masculinity; a version she believes should not exist. Her statement sparked a debate across social media between those who accepted Styles for expressing an androgynous character and those who felt it was taking away from the status quo that women should be feminine and men should be masculine. Owens was backed by a large following of conservatives, like fellow Republican commentator Ben Shapiro, for expressing her opinion that Styles should not encourage androgynous fashion.

Styles only had four tasteful words in response to the conservative outrage with a single Instagram promoting his accolade as Variety Magazine’s Hitmaker of the Year— “Bring back manly men.”

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