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Jason Wu Collection Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Photographs Courtesy of Vogue

On a runway lined with tangerine-orange and honey-yellow flowers, Jason Wu Fall 2022 painted the space with oversized bows, abstract smudged florals and ragged tweeds. A New York-based designer who learned to sew creating costumes for dolls, Wu’s brand is glamorous yet classic, and this collection is no different.

The show’s opening look is composed of a cropped tweed bustier—an intriguingly modern and feminine take on a fabric typically associated with your grandpa’s suit—and black trousers adorned with a massive bow. This sets the tone for the rest of the looks to follow; they are elegant and sophisticated, elevated by Wu’s meticulous understanding of fabrics and shapes.

The rest of the pieces are equally spectacular, each demanding to be paid attention. With unforgettable hues and silhouettes, Wu’s Fall 2022 collection is filled with chic black-and-whites and dotted with a few splashes of hot pinks and mustard yellows. Other notable looks include a black-and-pink tiered midi dress that is effortlessly feminine, an ankle-length puffer coat complete with a belted waist and voluminous skirt, and a mini bubble-hemmed dress splattered with impressionistic flecks of pink.

Photographs Courtesy of Vogue

Sprinkled throughout the show are also long, luxurious dresses reminiscent of 1950s evening wear. One vivid pink number is particularly striking, with a bow that drapes over the shoulders and a full skirt that just brushes the floor. The finale look is an all-black strapless gown with intricate gathers and layers, a timeless and stunning piece that is undoubtedly Jason Wu.

In a world seemingly moving faster than ever, it is easy to get caught up in loud patterns and bizarre silhouettes. However, Jason Wu’s Fall 2022 collection with its flowing satins and jewel tones is a reminder that simplicity can be beautiful too.

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