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MAVI Allblue: The True Blue Sustainable Jeans You Need

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Photographs Courtesy of MAVI

Greenwashing is a favourite tactic among brands these days, with empty promises of “environmental responsibility” and “sustainable practices” being used to cover up not-so-wholesome practices. Always welcome is a brand that values transparency as much as profit, one which utilizes their platform to promote responsibility and true sustainable practices. Such intention is the key at Mavi, a transparent, sustainable producer who truly fits the bill of conscious fashion.

The denim brand, originally incorporated in Istanbul in the early 1990s, has established itself as the fashion world’s responsible denim supplier, perfecting the secret formula for the quintessential organic cotton denim. Their newest Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Mavi Allblue, is their most perfect jean yet, offering a broad selection of fits and washes made from organic, recycled and plant-based materials, using the cleanest processes that consume the lowest amount of water and energy yet.

The collection showcases everything from classic heavyweight wide-leg jeans to pastel straight leg pants, chinos, jumpsuits, skirts and shorts. “We’re in the process of receiving the life cycle and impact analysis for this current collection,” Alissa Friedman, Senior Marketing & PR Manager at Mavi, explained to META during a collection preview last week. “We’ve had a lot of success in reducing the water and energy consumption from our previous collections, and the impact analysis for the Allblue collection will be made public as well.”

While buzzwords and the aforementioned “greenwashing” are the go-to tactic for some brands, it’s clear that Mavi is taking it upon themselves to be as transparent as possible from a brand perspective. While the fashion world is at something of a crossroads in terms of production and consumption, consumers can trust that Mavi is doing their part to create an ethical and intentional product, one pair of jeans at a time.

Shop the Mavi S/S 2022 Allblue collection here.

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