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Michael Kors Fall Ready-To-Wear 2022

Photographs Courtesy of Michael Kors

Michael Kors’ Fall/Winter 2022 collection is an ode to the idealized dream of corporate America. Each look belongs in a penthouse office at the top of a glass skyscraper. Just edgy enough to turn heads in the workplace, this collection features modern renditions of structured silhouettes and accessories. One of the most notable elements of the collection is the color palette– although pieces run the gamut from camel to fuschia, a majority of the individual looks are completely monochromatic. The outfits that are completely orange border on playful confidence, while those that are exclusively heather gray seem solemn. Moody gray leopard print even makes an appearance in the form of a wide-lapel cropped jacket and mini skirt. Although they each evoke different moods, the overall effect is one of sophistication and class, along with a subtle power that emanates from each model.

The collection’s outerwear and accessories toe the line between daytime enterprise and ritzy nightlife. The runway carries a blend of traditional, oversized blazers and extravagant fur coats– the wearer can be assumed to be leaving work at five o’clock to head to a night of cocktails out on the town. Large, briefcase-esque totes give way to glittering clutches, maintaining a sense of quiet luxury all the way through the runway. Think of a rom-com’s charming glamorization of New York City, and this collection immediately comes to mind. It captures the power and privilege that is so often associated with corporate culture, all while imbuing professional pieces with a hint of youthful elegance and a touch of rebellion.

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