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Phillip Lim Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear

Photographs Courtesy of Philip Lim

Sleek, elegant, and chic, Phillip Lim’s eponymous label “3.1 Phillip Lim” is a graceful blend of both femininity and luxury. At the heart of his brand is the desire to create wearable luxury pieces that will not only last, but be worn and cherished by the buyer for years to come. He continues this legacy of sustainability with the creation of his Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear collection, featured in NYFW.

With a color palette that predominantly consists of earthy, neutral tones, and occasional flashes of a striking turquoise and hot pink, Lim’s new collection puts a contemporary, chic twist on traditional, classy outerwear. This is especially obvious in the eighth look of his collection. This sleek brown blazer with matching culottes, paired with a contrasting, eye-catching hot pink bra top, and glittery, black, knee-high boots showcases how Lim is able to create pieces that are flashy, yet still wearable. This sprinkling of hot pink throughout the collection can also be found in the form of arm warmers, gloves, purses, skirts, and glittery boots, and is a bold, new take on what can be considered classy and luxurious.

This collection also showcases Lim’s skill with shape. Whether it be through the use of cut-outs or excessive material, Lim knows how to alter classic silhouettes to make them more novel. This is most obvious in his twelfth look, where he adds more material to the sleeves of a puff-sleeve top, exaggerating them to be more billowy and thus more eye-catching.

While experimenting with silhouettes allows him to elevate luxury in a way that is instantly recognizable, Lim is also able to do this in less overt ways as well. Decorated on a multitude of pieces within this collection are pointy, gold studs, adding an air of edginess to his classy pieces. This artful use of embellishments, coupled with an unconventional color palette and unique silhouettes showcases how Lim toes the line between ostentatious and monotony, creating luxury pieces that are both fun, yet wearable for this collection.

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