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Photographs by Megha Gupta

In an intimate cocktail event held in SoHo, independent New York designer Paul Richards presented his Fall/Winter 2022 collection for his label Pierre Blanc in collaboration with Tom Dixon. The luxurious furniture store space features many overhanging light fixtures in various bauble and geometric shapes, providing a deeply alluring backdrop for Richards’ collection. Attendees were able to enjoy cocktails courtesy of 1800 tequila while mingling around the space and viewing the collection on display one floor below.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Richards’ introduced his label in 2021. He was heavily influenced by his Caribbean household, including his Jamaican mother and grandmother, as he spent much of his childhood enamored by his grandmother’s sewing work. He cites his love for fashion deriving from these intimate moments with his elders. His label revolves around words his mother once told him about ensuring he always looked well-kept and sharp as he represented her out in public. A majority of Richards’ inspiration for his collections is drawn from his voyages across the globe, combining a variety of textured fabrics and bold combinations of color and vintage design.

Fall colors and thick fabrics featured heavily in Richards’ Fall/Winter 2022 presentation. His seventies vintage touch was evident throughout his pieces as seen through the orange swirl pattern choice in his first design, a hooded puffer jacket. The juxtaposition between the jacket and its placement under a series of golden bauble lights highlights the uniqueness of the swirl design covering the entirety of the piece. The bright orange color was varied in different shades across other pieces, including a three-piece suit. Richards combined tweed, velvet, and crochet knit to create a semi-tailored blazer and sweater combination embodying the essence of fall.

Richards played with fur in a few of his pieces in this collection, using thick faux fur for longer cloaks draped over two looks. One fur piece draped across the shoulders of a blazer and sweatshirt combination of grays and dull olive green while another look showcased a sleeveless fur hooded jacket over a tailored button-up and trousers. Richards’ use of fur contrasts the softness of fall fashion against the heaviness of winter clothing.

A set of three items displayed on a hotel luggage cart caught many viewers' attention. A tailored silk blouse in bright orange stood starkly against the gray leather overcoat and brown velvet button-up jacket combining all the best elements of the varying patterns of autumn. In continuation of the blend of autumn browns and winter clothing, one of Richard’s final looks featured a deep brown varsity jacket paired with tweed trousers and a sweater. The use of small gold beading at the bottom of the sleeves as well as in a star pattern on the ‘P’ letter patch adds a hint of embellishment to a more casual look.

The event was the perfect showcase for such an enthralling and unique collection of pieces. The showroom captured Richards’ imaginative energy and cleverly conveyed his vintage inspiration and worldwide travel in a collection that truly personified the essence of fall.

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