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Photographs courtesy Ines Di Santo

Set in a colorful Wonderland-esque background, Ines Di Santo juxtaposes her stunning white wedding dresses against the conglomeration of pink gradients of flowers and balloons, vivid cerulean blue walls, and copper and gold tinted antique mirrors. Beyond this collection’s eclectic background, Di Santo ascribes an interesting title to the collection, “Post Card by Ines.” Paying tribute to her life’s experiences, this collection is designed to capture the scattered journeys, experiences, and memories that have revolutionized her understanding and development as a designer. Most notably, Di Santo cleverly interrelates the names of each dress with some cultural ties to her life’s interaction in Bueno Aires, Paris, and Dubai.

Beginning with her childhood, Di Santo honors her time in Buenos Aires with her “Abril” and “Rocio” dress. Both of these dresses have Spanish name origins that resonate with the Spanish origins of Buenos Aires where the words’ meanings also play a significant role into the Spring 2023 Collection specifically. “Abril” signifies the start of spring within many countries in which Di Santo may have used this name to symbolize the springtime of her childhood within this design. More interestingly, the name “Rocio” holds a deeper connection to “Abril” beyond surface level correlation of Spanish origin. The phrase, “April showers brings May flowers”, has been popularized throughout the years and is extremely true within many countries. The name “Rocio” directly translates into “dew” which can possibly portray the imprints of spring and April’s showers that Di Santo experienced throughout her childhood. Within both of these looks, there is a very distinct strappy, adorned floral bodice that flows into a grand tulle skirt.

Transitioning over to her studies in Paris, Di Santo creates another set of postcards with French origin names to reflect upon time studying couture. Within her French “postcards”, Di Santo integrates many popular names such as “Antoinette”, “Clarette”, “Juliette”, and “Yvette” while capturing floral details onto each of the dresses. In “Antoinette” and “Clarette”, Di Santo incorporates cascading, baby pink tulle skirts that are strikingly reminiscent of ballet skirts within the art capital of the world. On the other hand, “Juliette” and “Yvette” focus more on floral appliques adorned across the strapless dresses.

Finally, Di Santo completes the triad of her current life experiences with her Dubai postcards where she discovered opulence. Within “Lakia” and “Malika”, opulence is mirrored by its distinct use of embellishments and beads that sparkle throughout the dresses. Additionally, the names “Lakia” and “Malika” hold much more glamorous definitions of “treasure” and “queen” respectively to truly project the idea of opulence that Di Santo had gathered from Dubai.

While Ines Di Santo’s Spring 2023 Bridal Collection was set in a Wonderland-esque background, it encapsulates the idea of how our memories and experiences generate this creative and diverse bubble within each of us as we collect the distinct “postcards” throughout life. By integrating these wonders and origins of the world, Di Santo’s collection threads together individual understanding as these bridal dresses may someday wed together more families, cultures, and memories.

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