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Rising Artist Myyora Releases New Single “Feel” As a Note to Self

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Photographs Courtesy of Myyora

“I’m writing a note to myself, something that I needed to hear…”

Myyora, a London-born Congolese singer living in France, sits down with META in an interview detailing her career and her new single “Feel”, which was released on October 1st, 2021.

Although her professional music career launched only three years prior, Myyora’s affinity for singing was rooted at a young age. She had not originally planned for a professional career as an artist, but when the opportunity presented itself, “it kind of flowed and just happened.” This free-flowing and easy-going life philosophy is reflected in her music style and lyrical artistry. Currently, Myyora’s sound dances between soulful pop and R&B, but she explains that she is not bound to any set genre and hopes to explore more styles as she develops.

Born in London, with roots in the Congo, and living in France have presented Myyora with the unique opportunity to incorporate all three cultures into her art and connect with listeners from all around the world. In fact, Myyora’s bilingualism in English and French, or, as she humorously remarks, “[her] Franglish,” opened the door for her to work on her first French song, which will soon be released.

The inspiration for her newest single “Feel” was a note to self of sorts, a piece she can always listen to. “I feel like I’m going to need to hear those words [and] always be reminded to feel and then let it go and then move on. I’m a person who gets stuck in moments and beats myself up over things; I’m a bit harsh,” she explains. After the past year in quarantine and lockdown, to “feel and let it all out” consoles the listener to allow for frustration and emotions that come with being human in such tumultuous times. But most importantly, it is a reminder of the importance of moving on after letting all the emotions out. Although this song was created as a note to herself, Myyora hopes others will resonate with it and be inspired to move forward after a hard time.

In the future, Myyora plans to release an EP and then a full album soon after. This October, she hosted a live performance and stated that she was very eager to continue live performances, especially after having her first concerts cut short last October due to lockdown. Her next performance lands on the 27th of November, in a space created for young artists to collaborate and host workshops in southern France.

As the interview between META and Myyora comes to a close, she shares a parting message: “Just dive. If you feel like something is right but you’re having doubts, just go for it. Whatever happens, happens; it’s meant to be that way and even if it doesn’t work out, you won’t regret not going for it.” Her single “Feel” is available on most major streaming websites and live performance can be found on Youtube.

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