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Sinking into a Cascade of Waves: Altuzarra Fall Winter 2022 Runway Show

Photographs Courtesy of Altuzarra

Accompanied by the sound of soft waves crashing into the shore, models with slick and wet hair slowly cascade onto the runway of Altuzarra’s Fall Winter 2022 Runway Show. Living a life far away from the shores, a sailor has been seduced by the ocean’s beauty and later transformed into a mermaid. Elements of this love for the sea is highlighted in various aspects of the collection whether it be the textured knitwear, tasseled snoods, or accessories that resemble treasures found within a sailor’s closet or ship. Moreover, the free flowing day dresses imitate the elegant movement of the waves as the fabric gracefully glides with the model’s every step. Within the collection, each separate look represents a different element of life away at sea. In the ‘Umbra’ sweater and ‘Kishi’ dress, Altuzarra incorporates a misty grey to symbolize a foggy morning sailors may encounter on days where the waters are a bit unsteady. Moving throughout the day, the sky begins to clear up and tones of sky blue intersect with the effervescent, white foam and deeper blues of the sea—depicted through the alternating tones of the ‘Rilia’ dress. As the sun begins to set, the sky turns into a flaming symphony of colors with intense shades of red which Altuzarra mimics in his ‘Oceanid’ dress. Slowly drifting into moments right before blue hour, Altuzarra splashes in dashes of fuschia and purple leftover from the sunset into the pensive, marine blue ‘Seti’ dress. Sinking into the night, Altuzarra creates a magnificent look with the black sequined ‘Nelle’ skirt, with tones of metallic gold that showcase the moon’s glowing reflection on the dark and mysterious waters when a sailor gazes upon throughout the night.

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