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Tory Burch Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

Photographs by Isidore Montag

Inspired by the women walking the streets of New York City, from Manhattan all the way to Queens, Tory Burch’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection contains a variety of breathtaking looks featuring a versatility of color, shape, and design. A study on contrasting designs was conducted after seeing the unique sense of style present on the city streets. After seeing the mix of fashion and the difference in expression of personality, Tory Burch decided to contrast the luxury of her brand against the American spirit of sportswear.

The collection was shown against the backdrop of midtown Manhattan which also sported a bright neon red New Yorker Hotel sign off to the side. The collection was designed as a way for the models to portray the message of free expression and personality. The looks differed from signature Tory Burch luxury, featuring multiple high-waisted trousers, outerwear and coats, and high fashioned tailoring. Nearly every look featured at the show was accompanied with a type of jacket or an overly large, asymmetrical black leather belt.

The collection modeled everyday streetwear. For many of the looks, turtlenecks and collared shirts reigned supreme, hidden underneath larger outerwear but barely visible around the neckline. The larger, heavier coats were fashioned from wool featuring a symmetrical design in duller shades of beige, black, blue, and yellow. Straight lined trousers and high waisted skirts were another showcase of this shining collection. The tailored trousers of duller browns and grays were paired with more intricate tops and half-zips in bright shades of neon yellow or red. Layering was one of the key styling features used by Tory Burch. Embroidered and patterned blue and red shirts of different geometrical patterns were paired over high neck long sleeve turtle necks. One such stand-out look paired an intricately patterned blouse with a turtleneck, black leather belt, and a yellow maxi skirt.

Luxury managed to shine through the long line of streetwear as a few dresses and tailored pant suits stood out from the pack. The silken dresses were modeled after an older, traditional 1950s style skirt with tight, wrap around tops buttoned up to the neck. Three pantsuits featured silk draping, two with a sleeveless corset style top and one with a single sleeve made from blue netting. Another standout from the collection were the three maxi dresses with turtlenecks made with neutral brown and black fabrics with colorful abstract shapes. Each featured the large, asymmetrical black belt to connect the looks to the entirety of the collection.

Overall, the collection was reminiscent of the new New York street style present in the aftermath of the pandemic. Tory Burch did well to creatively combine her signature style and accessories with a new style of sportswear and luxury, high end fashion using a host of different fabrics along with muted and bright colors.

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