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Tyler Gregory Okonma, or better known as Tyler, the Creator, or Flower Boy, is a rapper and designer who has come a long way in establishing himself into a cultural icon in both music and fashion, simultaneously becoming synonymous with skateboarding culture. Tyler, the Creator began his journey by upstarting the collaborative hip-hop collective Odd Future with a few friends. The now-nostalgic brand is often identified with their iconic donut shaped “O” & “F”. Following Odd Future, Tyler, the Creator single handedly launched the distinguished Golf Wang in 2011. But even with two successful brands and a glowing musical career, it was not a smooth transition for the Flower Boy.

After working with key figures like Taco, Earl Sweatshirt, and Frank Ocean, Tyler expected things to go smoothly. After Earl’s return to Odd Future, the group began to separate. Earl took his own path down his own musical career, and Frank Ocean also went his own way. Tyler felt both happy and angry at the news. As Tyler put it eloquently on Twitter, “I’ve Never Been Excited And Angry At The Same Time Until Today. Thats A Fucked Feeling.”.

But he did not let this set him back. After rumors that the group had disbanded in 2015, Tyler focused on his music and fashion career. His 2019 album, “Igor” was explosive for him. Leading up to the album and after its release, people could not get enough of him, especially Golf Wang. Golf Wang has partnered with Converse, Vans, and even artists like Kid Cudi. Tyler’s clothes are easily identified by their bright, colorful, and highlighter-like designs. If there is one brand that can convince you that stripes, bold colors, and a playful combination of bright orange and pink will look good, then it has to be Golf Wang.

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