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Photos by Joy Chen, Creative Director

Written by Tiffany Hue, Editor-in-Chief

As snow poured down on SoHo’s Spring Studios, Sergio Hudson brought Beverly Hills sunshine to the streets of Manhattan with his newest Spring / Summer 2022 collection.


Drawing inspiration from ‘rock-and-roll fashion’ popularized by pioneers like Gianni Versace and Grace Jones, Hudson established his Los Angeles-based luxury ready-to-wear womenswear label in 2014. The epitome of his eponymous brand is to create a wide variety of clothing, from statement pieces to simple wardrobe staples, all of which aim to exemplify the outstanding femininity of women. 

On a classic elevated runway lit by turquoise stage lights, an array of models worked their way through the audience with grace and style. Dazzled by a light show of glorious blues, Hudson painted the runway with safari-inspired earth tones, bold animal prints, and delicate gold accents.

Not only was the collection washed in neon and animal patterns, but Hudson also collaborated with Monrowe, who designed headwear to match alongside some sets. With flat-laying sun hats that are built to make you feel like royalty, your next trip to the beach will be breezy in neon silk maxi dresses with matching shawls and sun hats to complete your look. And, to create a strut that will make you feel like you are walking down a runway every day, Hudson

 collaborated with Italian footwear label, Malone Souliers. With tight-fitting straps that hug the foot, these platform heels are a practical and stylish component to your outfit for your next outing. 

As the actual pieces in the collection were dazzling, so was the show itself. The production came together as a light show complimented the looks on stage. With a special walk from supermodel Beverly Johnson, the first Black woman to be featured on the cover of Vogue in 1974, Hudson did not shy away from boldness. Looks arrived in ones, twos, and even fours, as monochrome two-piece sets of tight dresses, bandeau tops, and sun hats painted the stage green, orange, purple, and pink. To reflect the true nature of this voyage-inspired collection, each model sported identical hairstyles that bounced effervescently off their form-fitting silhouettes. 


In short, Hudson has range, and his legacy has only just begun. Together, dark brown leathers and cheetah print textiles created a synergy of finding playfulness in the world around us. Regardless of where you are, Sergio Hudson’s S/S ‘22 collection is bound to transport you to the sunny skies of Los Angeles. 

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