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Photos by Joy Chen, Creative Director

Written by Tiffany Hue, Editor-in-Chief

The New York-based label SOCIAL-WORK was founded in 2018 to reconfigure the idea of gender-neutral workwear, introducing a new sophistication of style with androgynous influences. Designer Chenghui Zhang combines influences from her Italian and Chinese roots to create a label that generates a hybrid perspective of clothing that reflects poise and finesse. 


Climbing up two flights of stairs to find SOCIAL-WORK’s debut fashion week collection was surely worth the wait as their F/W ‘22 presentation: Memory Dialogue captivated the room with its chic power suits and clean silhouettes. Following a neutral palette of dark blues, browns, and greens, models were suited up in androgynous looks true to the nature of SOCIAL-WORK’s brand. According to Zhang, the collection was inspired by a friend’s living room, in which Memory Dialogue set out to explore self-identity within our own spaces. The presentation featured upscale interior design that was made to feel like home as models were scattered across the room rocking warm-toned sweaters with eccentric patterns.

Accompanying the traditional power suits were forest green and cream beige bolt patterns that created a jagged look for layering in the winter. SOCIAL-WORK’s iconic rose symbol reigned on throughout this collection as well, solidifying itself as a signature motif of the label’s work. The rough embroidery upon knitwear reflected some rather abstract looks, perhaps similar to how our minds operate when we are lost in thought. 


On a set inspired by ‘70s architecture, this collection housed everything you would want to see in your closet for the fall and winter seasons. Don’t be fooled by SOCIAL-WORK’s humble presentation set that reminds us of home, because their clothing is bound to travel worldwide, from your closet and beyond.

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